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Neurogenesis Plays Underappreciated Role In Alzheimer’s Disease

Much of the research on the underlying causes of Alzheimer’s disease focuses on amyloid beta, a protein that accumulates in the brain as the disease progresses. Excess amyloid beta (Aß) proteins form clumps or “plaques” that disrupt communication between brain cells and trigger inflammation, eventually leading to widespread loss of neurons and brain tissue. Aß […]

How Transcriptomics Is Changing How We Think About Brain Cells

Neurons, the fundamental component of the nervous system, exist in a multitude of forms and types. There may be as many as 10,000 specific types of neurons in the human brain. There is even a type of cell discovered in 2005 known as the “Jennifer Aniston neuron” that specifically responds to images of well-known celebrities […]

New Pain Organ Discovered In The Skin

A previously unknown sensory organ that is able to detect painful mechanical damage, such as pricks and impacts has been identified by researchers at Karolinska Institutet in Sweden. It is made up of glia cells with multiple long protrusions, which collectively go to make up a mesh-like organ within the skin. Pain causes suffering and […]