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Specific Neurons Correlated With Spatial Memory Retrieval

An essential aspect of human memory is our ability to conjure specific moments from the vast array of experiences that have occurred in any given setting. For example, if asked to recommend a tourist itinerary for a city you have visited many times, your brain somehow enables you to selectively recall and distinguish specific memories […]

Brain Receptor Thought To Be Linked To Negative Moods Identified

A receptor believed to be linked to negative moods, in a part of the brain that is little-understood, has been uncovered by an international research team. The discovery[1] could lead to more targeted medications. The pea-sized receptor was found in a little-studied region in the center of the human brain, the medial habenula. “The function […]

No Gender Difference Found In Brain Function Or Math Ability

1992: Teen Talk Barbie is released with the controversial voice fragment, “Math class is hard.” The toy’s release met with public backlash. But this underlying assumption persists, propagating the myth that women do not thrive in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) fields due to biological deficiencies in math aptitude. Jessica Cantlon at Carnegie Mellon […]

What Your Friends’ Brains Look Like When They Think About You

The brain activity patterns found in your friends’ brains when they consider your personality traits may be remarkably similar to what is found in your’s when you think of yourself, a new study suggests[1]. Those same friends will have a different brain activity pattern when they think of someone else in your group — and […]

Your Brain Constructs Abstract Concepts With 3 Kinds Of Meaning

Machine learning and human brain scans have revealed the regions of the brain behind how we form abstract concepts, like justice, ethics, and consciousness, researchers report. “Humans have the unique ability to construct abstract concepts that have no anchor in the physical world, but we often take this ability for granted. In this study, we […]