Brain Fog Linked To Inflammatory Response

Inflammation appears to have a particular negative impact on the brain’s readiness to reach and maintain an alert state, according to scientists at the University of Birmingham in collaboration with the University of Amsterdam. “Scientists have long suspected a link between inflammation and cognition, but it is very difficult to be clear about the cause […]

The Self In Dementia Is Not Lost, And Can Be Reached With Care

Many people see memory as providing the foundation upon which a stable sense of self is constructed. Our autobiographical memory, in particular, seems crucial to weaving a life story that bridges past and present, and permits us to extrapolate how the future might unfold, all within a meaningful and coherent narrative. So what happens when […]

White Noise Backgrounds Improve Distinction Between Tones

Against a background of continuous white noise, hearing pure sounds becomes even more precise, researchers from the University of Basel show in a new study. The findings could be applicable to the development of more sensitive cochlear implants. Despite the importance of hearing in human communication, we still understand very little of how acoustic signals […]

How To Make Neurosurgery Possible In The Brazilian Amazon

A new study offers a model for creating sustainable neurosurgery programs in poor, remote locations. Low- and middle-income countries in remote locations with limited access to care can create sustainable neurosurgical programs by recruiting and training young, local doctors, according to the study[1]. The study analyzed the effectiveness over the past 20 years of a […]

It’s 25 Years Since We Redefined Autism – Here’s What We’ve Learnt

It’s 25 years since the fourth edition of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual (DSM-IV) was published. The manual is the clinical “bible” that defines the criteria for the diagnosis of psychiatric and neurodevelopmental conditions, and was a landmark document for autism spectrum disorder. The first mention of autism came in the third edition of the […]