A new study led by investigators at Massachusetts General Hospital examined the brains of individuals who experienced early-life trauma, some with functional neurological disorder (FND) and others without the condition. “Motor and limbic circuits were more strongly interconnected in individuals with FND reporting a greater severity of childhood physical abuse,” said lead author Ibai Diez… Read more

A new role for a gene that’s associated with autism spectrum disorder, intellectual disability and language impairment is revealed in a new study led by UCLA. “This discovery really broadens the scope of where we think Foxp1 is important. And this gives us an expanded way of thinking about how its mutation affects patients,” said… Read more

I am head over heels in love but my cynical friends keep telling me that love is nothing but a cocktail of pheromones, dopamine and oxytocin, and that these wear off after a couple of years. The thought scares me, it makes the whole thing seem meaningless. Is love really just brain chemistry? Jo, London… Read more

An ultra-small, wireless, battery-free device uses light to record individual neurons so neuroscientists can see how the brain is working, researchers report. “As biomedical engineers, we are working with collaborators in neuroscience to improve tools to better understand the brain, specifically how these individual neurons, the building blocks of the brain, interact with each other… Read more

In some cases, people will tell a lie in order to appear more honest, new research indicates. The result shows evidence that highly favorable circumstances can prompt people to fudge the truth, even at personal monetary cost. “We know that people lie to be nice to other people; that’s something people find to be acceptable… Read more