To Persist Through Chemotherapy, Cancer Cells Turn To Cannibalism

Some cancer cells survive chemotherapy by devouring their neighboring tumor cells, research from Tulane University suggests[1]. This act of cannibalism may give these cancer cells the energy required to stay alive and begin tumor relapse after the treatment is completed. “Understanding the properties of these senescent cancer cells that allow their survival after chemotherapy treatment […]

What Neuroscientists Are Learning About Our Brains By Launching Themselves Into Zero Gravity Flight

More than 500 people have travelled into space to date and, while we know a little about how life without gravity affects our physical health, we know almost nothing about how it affects our minds. So, my colleagues and I have been launching ourselves, rigs of equipment and our participants into “zero gravity flight” to […]

Daytime Brain Activity Strength Drives Need For Sleep

The intensity of brain activity during the day, regardless of how long we’ve been awake, appears to escalate our requirements for sleep, according to a new University College London study in zebrafish. The research found a gene that responds to brain activity in order to coordinate the need for sleep. It helps shed new light […]

mesoSPIMs – New Microscopes Untangle the Enigmas Of Brain Organization

Advanced new microscopes, called mesoSPIMs, are able to image the meticulous detail of brain tissue, down to individual neurons five times thinner than a human hair, and can uncover the 3D anatomy of entire small organs, quicker than ever before. MesoSPIMs enable new insights into brain and spinal cord organization for researchers working to restore […]

Genetic Regions Associated With Left-Handedness Identified

For the first time, a study has pinpointed regions of the genome associated with left-handedness in the general population, and linked their effects with brain architecture. The study[1], led by researchers at the University of Oxford, linked these genetic differences with the connections between areas of the brain related to language. It was already known […]