Only children get a bad rap. They are often perceived as selfish, spoiled, anxious, socially inept and lonely. And my profession, psychology, may be partly to blame for these negative stereotypes. Indeed, Granville Stanley Hall, one of the most influential psychologists of the last century and the first president of the American Psychological Association, said… Read more

When Cristine Legare gives talks to groups of psychology researchers, she likes to take a quick poll of the room. How many of them, she asks, consider themselves to be “Western ethnopsychologists?” The question does not go over well. “They’re like, ‘What?’ It doesn’t resonate at all,” Legare, a developmental psychologist at the University of… Read more

A recent discovery shows that our dance style is almost always the same, regardless of the type of music, and a computer can identify the dancer with astounding accuracy. “We actually weren’t looking for this result, as we set out to study something completely different. Our original idea was to see if we could use… Read more

The saying “fake it until you make it” (the idea that someone can fake a positive attitude to elicit real-life benefits) – often backfires when used with co-workers, a study led by a University of Arizona researcher suggests. Instead, researchers say, making an effort to actually feel the emotions you display is more productive. “Surface… Read more

Racism may result in tolls related to premature biological aging among African Americans, indicates a study led by Auburn University. African Americans who reported more racial discrimination over a 10-year period showed signs of faster aging at the cellular level during the same time frame. “One of the factors that can lead to more rapid… Read more