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Alzheimer’s Disease Destroys Neurons That Keep Us Awake

Researchers and caregivers have noted that excessive daytime napping can develop long before the memory problems associated with Alzheimer’s disease begin to unfold. Prior studies have considered this excessive daytime napping to be compensation for poor nighttime sleep caused by Alzheimer’s-related disruptions in sleep-promoting brain regions, while others have argued that the sleep problems themselves […]

Depression Symptoms In Alzheimer’s Could Be Signs For Cognitive Decline

Depression symptoms in cognitively healthy older individuals together with brain amyloid, a biological marker of Alzheimer’s, could trigger changes in memory and thinking over time, researchers from Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH) report. “Our research found that even modest levels of brain amyloid deposition can impact the relationship between depression symptoms and cognitive abilities. This raises […]

Major Surgery Associated With Small, Long Term Decline In Brain Functioning

Major surgery is associated with a small long-term decline in cognitive functioning — equivalent, on average, to less than five months of natural brain ageing, according to a study in The British Medical Journal. But the odds of substantial cognitive decline also increase after surgery — approximately doubling — although the likelihood of this is […]

Blood Test Is 94% Accurate At Identifying Early Alzheimer’s Disease

Up to two decades before people develop the characteristic memory loss and confusion of Alzheimer’s disease, damaging clumps of protein start to build up in their brains. Now, a blood test to detect such early brain changes has moved one step closer to clinical use. Researchers from Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis […]

Altered Liver Enzymes Associated With Biomarkers For Alzheimer’s Disease

Novel connections between liver dysfunction and Alzheimer’s disease have been identified in research from the Alzheimer’s Disease Metabolomics Consortium (ADMC) and Alzheimer’s Disease Neuroimaging Initiative (ADNI). The study, was led by IU School of Medicine radiology professor Kwangsik Nho, Ph.D. and explores the relationship between blood-based biochemical markers of liver function and established Alzheimer’s disease […]