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How Bright Flashes Of Light Get Teens More Sleep

Teens got 43 more minutes of sleep a night after a four-week intervention that reset their body clocks and helped them go to bed earlier, Stanford researchers report[1]. The treatment had two components: brief, early morning flashes of bright, broad-spectrum white light to reset the teens’ circadian clocks, and cognitive behavioral therapy that motivated them […]

Daytime Brain Activity Strength Drives Need For Sleep

The intensity of brain activity during the day, regardless of how long we’ve been awake, appears to escalate our requirements for sleep, according to a new University College London study in zebrafish. The research found a gene that responds to brain activity in order to coordinate the need for sleep. It helps shed new light […]

Psychostimulants Hinder Sleep And Memory With Little Benefit

Taking nonprescribed psychostimulants may slightly improve a person’s short-term focus but impede sleep and mental functions that rely on it — such as working memory. The use of prescription stimulants by those without medically diagnosed conditions marks a growing trend among young adults — particularly college students seeking a brain boost. “Healthy individuals who use […]