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REM Sleep Quiets The Brain’s Warning Bells

Overnight amygdala adaptation fails proportionally to the restlessness of REM sleep, new research from the Netherlands Institute for Neuroscience suggests. The finding helps explain why you will be better able to bear tomorrow what you are distressed about today, and why that can go wrong. Something frightening or unpleasant does not go unnoticed. In our […]

Sleep Contributes To System Long-term Memory Consolidation

Repeated rehearsal can lead to the establishment of memory traces in the neocortex within a short timeframe, new research demonstrates. However, these traces are only sufficiently stable if a sleep phase follows learning – otherwise the brain continuously needs to call on the hippocampus to help with long-term storage of new memories, the study found. […]

Single Neurons Require Sleep To Perform Nuclear Maintenance

Researchers at Bar-Ilan University in Israel report a novel and unexpected function of sleep that they believe could explain how sleep and sleep disturbances affect brain performance, aging and various brain disorders. Using 3-D time-lapse imaging techniques in live zebrafish, the researchers were able to define sleep in single-chromosome resolution, and show for the first […]