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Siblings Of Problem Gamblers Also Impulsive, Prone To Risk-taking

Biological siblings of people with gambling disorder also display markers of increased impulsivity and risk-taking, University of British Columbia researchers report. The findings[1] suggest people with gambling disorder – a psychiatric term for serious gambling problems – may have pre-existing genetic vulnerabilities to the illness. “Impulsivity, risky decision-making and altered brain reward processing are observed […]

The Microbiome Is Shaped By Genetic Differences In The Immune System

Differences in the genes of the immune system sculpt the assortment of bacteria that colonize the digestive system, new research[1] by scientists at the University of Chicago indicates. “When the input is standardized, you can compare mice of different genetic strains and see what these genetics do to the microbiome in recipient mice. This approach […]

How Transcriptomics Is Changing How We Think About Brain Cells

Neurons, the fundamental component of the nervous system, exist in a multitude of forms and types. There may be as many as 10,000 specific types of neurons in the human brain. There is even a type of cell discovered in 2005 known as the “Jennifer Aniston neuron” that specifically responds to images of well-known celebrities […]