9 Tips for Keeping your Baby Safe

Seeing your newborn baby get injured is the last thing you want. But no matter how caring and watchful you are over your newborn baby there is always room to take the extra precautions to avoid your baby from being hurt.

    1. Never leave your baby from being alone with any pet, regardless of how small or harmless the animal may be.

    2. Never shake your baby or playfully throw the baby up in the air.

    3. Always keep an eye on your baby when you are out doing shopping, light walking, or just sitting at the playground. Kidnappers are drawn strollers as a target to snatch your baby.

    4. Giving your baby a bath in a large tub? Make sure you put a towel or rubber mat at the bottom to avoid slipping.

    5. Always have your baby in a car seat when driving. A baby can be easily injured if you get into an accident so be sure to pay close attention to the road, avoid talking on a cell phone, eating, or any other activity that would distract from your driving and drive defensively.

    6. Avoid the use of any strings with your baby’s toys, belongings, or anything around the house – including keeping phone cords hidden. Babies have a tendency to grab for them and accidentally choke.

    7. Keep your baby away from any open window that is not being watched over by yourself. In fact, it would be wise to keep your baby from any open windows – period.

    8. If you must have a baby sitter to watch over your baby, be sure that they are at least 16 years or older, have been trained in infant safety and CPR, and whose references are solid.

    9. If you are changing your baby on a changing table, never to turn your back even for a split second. Babies can roll over in a heartbeat and harm themselves.