Chlorophyll and Bad Breath

Why are so many people raving about Chlorophyll? Isn’t it time to find out what the rage is about? It appears that many people have experienced good things through the continual use of Chlorophyll? What is Chlorophyll anyways, and why are so many people turning to this fascinating chemical? Here is a brief overview of Chlorophyll and what it can do for you.

Chlorophyll Go Green and Don’t Look Back

Chlorophyll is essentially the same chemical that turns leaves green. It is a naturally derived chemical that has been shown to be effective in promoting a cleansing action within the body. Chlorophyll has been used effectively in helping to cleanse the body and to promote a more efficient and healthy digestive system.

Why Use Chlorophyll to Treat the Bad Breath Blues?

Why should you consider Chlorophyll as a potential treatment for bad breath? Chlorophyll is used because it has been shown to be helpful in treating a variety of problems of the intestinal tract and various types of digestive problems. These types of digestive problems and intestinal tract difficulties have been shown to be the root cause of some kinds of chronic halitosis.

Thus, many people believe that Chlorophyll can be used effectively to treat both the underlying problems that cause chronic bad breath (such as intestinal tract infections or other digestive problems) in the first place. Many of these types of these problems are caused by food not being digested properly in the first part. So diet may also be part of Chlorophyll therapy. It is believe that food that is not digested properly causes special vapors to be released from the undigested food itself, thus causing bad breath.
Using Chlorophyll to Treat Bad Breath the Naturopathic Approach**

While it may pose a much bigger challenge to treat the larger digestive problems that Chlorophyll essentially aims to heal, there is something to be said for the cleansing power of Chlorophyll. Many naturopaths believe that Chlorophyll can have a very effective deodorizing effect on the issue of bad breath.

Chlorophyll cleansing and deodorizing has been shown to be very individual, so what may work very well for one patient may not work quite as well for another patient. However, it is a simple and very easy treatment to procure and sustain, so it is recommended to patients who would like to experiment with natural treatments for their chronic bad breath.
Taking Chlorophyll On a Regular Basis to Solve Your Bad Breath Woes**

Most naturopaths recommend taking several Chlorophyll tablets a day as part of a Chlorophyll treatment. It is recommended that patients take as much as three Chlorophyll tablets on an empty stomach. Three Chlorophyll tablets are also recommended either directly preceding or following a full meal.

Of course, you will probably get more out of your Chlorophyll treatment if you seek to eat a well-rounded and well-balanced diet while you are going through your Chlorophyll treatment. Follow your Chlorophyll intake for at least ten days and check for its efficacy after that. Chlorophyll treatment has been shown to turn stools a healthy green tint; this is completely harmless side effect.

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