3 Little Steps For Recovering From Disappointment

Disappointment is a part of life. Only rarely do things go exactly the way you want them to.

On the other hand, we are only human, and we prefer to avoid disappointments. They put you in a sour mood and destroy motivation.

But the good news is that it’s possible to recover from disappointment and be in a much better place afterwards.

How to cope, learn, and grow from disappointment in 3-steps

1. Identify the lesson. Despite how rotten you’re feeling, this is the first and most important step. Force yourself to identify the lesson in your disappointment. What can you take away from every unfavorable situation?

• If you’re strong enough, take some time and reflect on the situation. Be honest with yourself and try to find the lesson.

• Sometimes this step involves talking to someone else. Choose somebody you trust to confide in. Relay the details of the disappointing situation and ask for feedback.

• In most cases, a neutral person can help you see things that your emotions are blocking. Just be ready to accept their point of view.

2. Release your emotions. When you’re facing disappointment, it’s okay to bring your emotions to the fore. The best way to get over the hurt of disappointment is to confront it.

• Maybe you’re a crier, maybe you’re not. Either way, it’s okay to let go for a while. It helps to release the negative energy that’s keeping you from moving on.

• Talk it out. In many cases, healing begins when you express your feelings. The listener doesn’t need to have a response. It’s quite enough to allow you to just talk.

• Sometimes it helps to extend a hand to someone else who’s suffering. You can easily turn your own negative energy into positive energy this way. There’s no greater feeling than seeing someone’s darkness turn to light.

3. Reflect on past successes. This achievement passing you by doesn’t discount past successes! Remember that there was life before this particular disappointment. There’s so much more that you can be happy about.

• Have there been times when you felt tremendous pride? Think back to those times. Remind yourself what a star you are!

• Memories are helpful in getting you out of the rut. When you look back at the positive times in your life, you’ll start to feel motivated to persevere.

• Are there people you shared past successes with? Call them up and reminisce on those experiences. Sometimes a familiar voice can help to ease the hurt. It certainly helps in re-strengthening your self-confidence.

After a great disappointment, life goes on, and so will you if you allow yourself to.

Pick yourself up off the ground, dust yourself off, and move on. Start along your next path to success.

Focus on what you’re able to take away from it. Remember to look at each situation as a learning experience.

The more you learn, the better equipped you become to handle future challenges.

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