Learning about hemorrhoids, and understanding how to treat them is important if you think you have hemorrhoids. There are specific symptoms you can look for. These signs will let you know if you need to seek treatment.

By knowing what hemorrhoids are, you will know not only what to look for, but where to seek help. Hemorrhoids are a common problem for both men and women Hemorrhoids affect almost fifty percent of the population. Because of this, it is important to know what they are.

Blood Vessels

Hemorrhoids are also often known as piles. You will find them in blood vessels that are close to the rectum and anus. When hemorrhoids occur, it usually means that these blood vessels have been stretched because of pressure. Many will say that this is similar to varicose veins you find in the legs. This pressure may also be a result of extra strain that is related to bowel movements.

Hemorrhoids are normally found in two areas. The primary is under the skin that is in the rectum area. This is known as an internal hemorrhoid. The second is external and will be found around the skin and next to the anus. If you have parallel conditions, but they are not in this area, it is not considered hemorrhoids and should be treated by a doctor as a different digestive disease.


Hemorrhoids will be diagnosed by noticing bleeding that is coming from these two areas. Because of the pressure from the blood vessels, it causes bleeding to be one of the main symptoms related to hemorrhoids. There may also be inconsistent bowel movements, pain, itching, or more severe conditions that cause discomfort. However, you will want to have this checked by a doctor. Often, bleeding in this area can occur from various other digestive diseases.


Hemorrhoids may occur for several reasons. It is known to occur often among pregnant women because of the quick weight changes. It is also common among those who are constipated or have bowel movements that cause more pressure to be put into these areas. Any pressure that added to this particular area for longer amounts of time will cause hemorrhoids.


Once you have had hemorrhoids, they will likely occur again. Most likely, the symptoms will calm down after a few days and disappear on their own. If the hemorrhoids are more serious, they will need medication or even to be treated surgically. This will depend on the conditions that are associated with them. Over-the-counter medications are available if symptoms are not severe, or will help until you can see a doctor.

Knowing what hemorrhoids are and understanding treatment for them can help you to understand what is happening with your body. From here, you will be able to find treatments as well as understand the seriousness of the problem. Hemorrhoids are common, and can be diagnosed and treated easily, allowing you to move back to a normal lifestyle.


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