Avoiding Aspergillis Fungal Infections


Recuperating from a respiratory illness is no picnic, especially if you end up with more than you bargained for infection. The problem is that there is a fungus in the air that is always present that can cause such sickness as pneumonia or even a nasty sinus infection. Fungi, especially the Aspergillus kind, can cause all sorts of health issues.

In the hospital, often times HEPA filters are used to clean the air in the hospital rooms and other areas. In addition, hygiene and general cleanliness is paramount to avoid attracting Aspergillus. So what do you do when you are at home and sick? Here are a few ways of avoiding Aspergillis while recuperating from a respiratory illness:

When Recuperating from Respiratory Illness

  1. Reduce the dust in your home Dust can harbor germs and if it gets into the air, you could not only breathe the dreaded Aspergillis fungi into your lungs but the dust can irritate allergies as well. Use a damp cloth when dusting furniture and as an added precaution, use a disinfectant on the cloth before you wipe away dust. Wear a mask and eye protection to avoid getting sick.

  2. Replace your air filter for your furnace and air conditioner often – At least once a month, check for dirt. If it seems dirty, replace the filter for a new one. If possible choose an allergen filter for your air conditioner as it will help keep germs and allergens at bay.

  3. Buy an air cleaner Choosing an air cleaner means that you can breathe cleaner air, thus lowering your chances of contracting the Aspergillis fungi. Place any air cleaner machine in the room you spend the most time in.

  4. Replace your carpets or at least keep them clean Choose a vacuum cleaner and vacuum often. You want to remove any pet dander, dust, dirt and more that can cause allergies and other conditions. In fact, try and choose a vacuum cleaner filter like the HEPA filter that actually removes pollutants like allergens from the air.

  5. Banish the mold Mildew and mold often form in moist warm places that never get a chance to dry off. Therefore, be careful if you are around any visible signs of mold. As it is fungal, it is closely related to Aspergillis and can cause quite a ruckus when it comes to respiratory illness.

  6. Wear a good filtering mask If you are trying to avoid a illness, wear a surgical mask that can help filter out some of the airborne particles that can cause secondary infections, like those brought about by the Aspergillis.

  7. Keep your top up Driving down the road is such a lovely way to pass the time. However, by keeping the top down on your convertible, chances are that you are driving and basically inviting pesky microorganisms into your life.

There are a number of safety measures you can put into place in order to avoid the dreaded Aspergillis, a horrible fungus. Some of them are listed above and are easily enforceable as well as adaptable. You owe it to yourself to ensure that you have the healthiest environment possible.