In the field of psychology, the image is canon: a child sitting in front of a marshmallow, resisting the temptation to eat it. If she musters up the willpower to resist long enough, she’ll be rewarded when the experimenter returns with a second marshmallow. Using this ‘marshmallow test’, the Austrian-born psychologist Walter Mischel demonstrated that… Read more

Predicting success isn’t as straightforward as University of Pennsylvania psychologist Angela Duckworth thought. Duckworth has done pioneering work in the area of grit; a characteristic often described as putting passion and perseverance toward important long-term personal goals. In a prospective longitudinal study of more than 11,000 West Point cadets, the research team discovered that both… Read more

Many behaviors may not be a product of who you are, but where you are, according to new research[1] with children from four countries. “We tend to think of qualities like patience as an innate part of who we are but virtually all of what we know about how these behaviors develop comes from children… Read more

People who are motivated to develop the best in themselves and others tend to reason just as wisely about their own problems as they do for others, new research from the Association for Psychological Science shows. From conflicts at work to romantic dramas, we are typically better at working through other people’s problems than our… Read more

Studies show that there are several factors which develop and sustain a person’s resilience: The ability to make realistic plans and being capable of taking the steps necessary to follow through with them Confidence in one’s strengths and abilities Communication and problem-solving skills The ability to manage strong impulses and feelings Resilience is negatively correlated… Read more