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Do Music Lessons Really Make Children Smarter?

In 2004, a paper appeared in the journal Psychological Science, titled “Music Lessons Enhance IQ.” The author, composer and University of Toronto Mississauga psychologist Glenn Schellenberg, had conducted an experiment with 144 children randomly assigned to four groups: one learned the keyboard for a year, one took singing lessons, one joined an acting class, and […]

Why Music Makes Us Emotional, According To Artificial Intelligence

University of Southern California computer scientists and psychologists have teamed up to investigate, with the help of artificial intelligence, how music affects how you act, feel, and think. Your heart beats faster, palms sweat, and part of your brain called the Heschl’s gyrus lights up like a Christmas tree. Chances are, you’ve never thought about […]

Brain Takes Just 100 To 300 Milliseconds To Recognize Familiar Music

The human brain can recognise a familiar song within 100 to 300 milliseconds, highlighting the deep hold favourite tunes have on our memory, new research from University College London reports. Anecdotally the ability to recall popular songs is exemplified in game shows such as ‘Name That Tune’, where contestants can often identify a piece of […]