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Moral Grandstanding, Empathic Polarization, And Mood Disorders Neurobiology

Moral grandstanding is the use of public moral discourse for self-promotion and status attainment. If you find yourself in an open discussion of morality or politics to impress others with your superior moral qualities, you may be a card-carrying moral grandstander. A new study in PLOS found that grandstanders were more likely to report antagonistic […]

Social Media Use Is Associated With Higher Levels Of Empathy

Empathy is the basis of our capacity for parent-child bonding as well as cooperation with group members in ways that move societies forward. For example, adolescents with higher empathy become adults with better social skills, higher civic engagement, and greater prosocial skills like helping. Additionally, countries with higher empathy have higher levels of collectivism, subjective […]

Tolerance Of Outsiders Is Also A Human Instinct

Whether they are proposing to build a wall or to exit an international coalition, populist politicians like to pitch themselves as keeping ‘outsiders’ at bay, and it clearly strikes a chord with their home crowd. To understand this phenomenon, evolutionary and social psychologists have offered a simple explanation. Humans, we’re told, have a deep-rooted inclination […]