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Dishonesty Distorts A Person’s Ability To Read Others’ Emotions

Dishonesty diminishes a person’s ability to read others’ emotions, or interpersonal cognition, according to new research. Furthermore, the consequences snowball – one dishonest act can set in motion even more dishonesty. “It can be a vicious cycle. Sometimes people will tell a white lie and think it’s not a big deal. But a decision to […]

Antidepressants Can Lead To Reduced Responses To Pain Empathy

Antidepressant treatment can lead to impaired empathy regarding perception of pain, and not just the state of depression itself, according to a collaboration involving social neuroscientists, neuroimaging experts, and psychiatrists from the University of Vienna and the Medical University of Vienna. Depression is a disorder that often comes along with strong impairments of social functioning. […]

Altruistic And Strategic Giving Activate Overlapping Reward Networks

What happens in the brain when people act out of genuine altruism — where there’s nothing in it for them — and when they act with strategic kindness — when there is something to be gained as a consequence – is investigated in new research from psychologists at the University of Sussex. They undertook a […]