While it’s great to be an expert at math, science, or social studies, there’s another subject that will do more for your success in life: Communication. Those with excellent communication skills have an easier time in life. People who struggle in social situations may be at higher risk for mental and physical health problems, according… Read more

Why do the harsh sounds emitted by alarms or human shrieks grab our attention? What is going on in the brain when it detects these frequencies? Neuroscientists from the University of Geneva (UNIGE) and Geneva University Hospitals (HUG), Switzerland, have been analyzing how people react when they listen to a range of different sounds, the… Read more

  If you watch kids at a local playground, sooner or later one of them will run around and fall face-first to the ground. For a moment, there’s likely to be silence. Then the child will look around, catch a glimpse of their parent, and finally burst into a deafening wail. The sequence of this… Read more

The rhythms of brainwaves in two people taking part in a conversation start to match each other, concludes a study led by the Basque Centre on Cognition, Brain, and Language. This interbrain synchrony may be a key factor in understanding language and interpersonal communication. Until now, most traditional research had suggested the hypothesis that the… Read more

You know things are getting serious when a poker player slides their sunglasses on to stop their eyes giving the game away. But if you were playing a gorilla or a dog the animal may not need sunglasses since their eyes are much harder to read, because you can’t see the whites of their eyes… Read more