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Brain-to-brain Entrainment During Conversation Observed

The rhythms of brainwaves in two people taking part in a conversation start to match each other, concludes a study led by the Basque Centre on Cognition, Brain, and Language. This interbrain synchrony may be a key factor in understanding language and interpersonal communication. Until now, most traditional research had suggested the hypothesis that the […]

Communication In Children With Autism Helped By Folinic Acid

Folinic acid, a reduced form of a B vitamin known as folate, could help improve the language and communication skills of children with autism spectrum disorder (ASD), according to preliminary findings from a placebo controlled trial. The study, in which children were randomized to receive either high-dose folinic acid or a placebo, also identified a […]

Studies Full Of Jargon Flag Scientists As Liars

Even the best poker players have “tells” that give away when they’re bluffing. Scientists who commit fraud have similar, but more subtle, tells. Now researchers say they have cracked the writing patterns of scientists who attempt to pass along falsified data. The findings could eventually help identify shady research before it’s published. There is a […]