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Late Talkers Twice As Likely To Have Frequent Temper Tantrums

A new, 2,000-participants study from Northwestern University found that toddlers with fewer spoken words have more frequent and severe temper tantrums than their peers with typical language skills. Toddler speech delays and temper tantrums have long been assumed to go hand in hand, but until now, no large-scale research had successfully backed up that assumption […]

What Is Attachment And How Does It Affect Our Relationships?

Research across many years and many cultures has found around 35-40% of people say they feel insecure in their adult relationships. While 60-65% experience secure, loving and satisfying relationships. How secure or insecure we are with our romantic partners depends, in part, on how we bonded with our parents at a young age. From the […]

Mothers’ Behavior Influences Oxytocin Development In Babies

A new mother’s behavior is influenced by her oxytocin levels, and as a result, the bond she makes with her baby. Mothers’ behavior can also have a substantial impact on their children’s developing oxytocin systems, a new epigenetic study[1] by Kathleen Krol and Jessica Connelly from the University of Virginia and Tobias Grossmann from the […]

Does Lying To Your Children Lead To Adjustment Difficulties And More Lying As Adults?

Untruths told to children can elicit their compliance in the short term, but are associated with detrimental effects when the child becomes an adult, research led by Nanyang Technological University, Singapore (NTU Singapore) suggests[1]. The research team asked 379 Singaporean young adults whether their parents lied to them when they were children, how much they […]

Abused Children Are Four Times More Likely To Develop Serious Mental Illness

Children who have experienced child abuse or neglect are four times more likely to develop serious mental illness,¬†according to a study[1] from the University of Birmingham. Researchers studied GP records dating between 1995 and 2018 of 217,758 patients aged under 18 who had experienced, or were suspected to have experienced, childhood maltreatment or related concerns, […]