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Brain Receptor Thought To Be Linked To Negative Moods Identified

A receptor believed to be linked to negative moods, in a part of the brain that is little-understood, has been uncovered by an international research team. The discovery[1] could lead to more targeted medications. The pea-sized receptor was found in a little-studied region in the center of the human brain, the medial habenula. “The function […]

Depression Associated With Acceleration Of The Rate At Which The Brain Ages

Evidence that psychological problems such as depression and anxiety increase risk for dementia later in life is growing. These problems, known as affective disorders, as well as poor cognitive function are, of course, not unusual in older adulthood. After age 70, for example, it has been estimated that the both lower mood and poor cognition […]

What Neuroscientists Are Learning About Our Brains By Launching Themselves Into Zero Gravity Flight

More than 500 people have travelled into space to date and, while we know a little about how life without gravity affects our physical health, we know almost nothing about how it affects our minds. So, my colleagues and I have been launching ourselves, rigs of equipment and our participants into “zero gravity flight” to […]