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STMN2 Gene A Potential Therapeutic Target For ALS

A potential new biomarker and drug target for amyotrophic lateral sclerosis has been identified by research led by stem cell scientists at Harvard University. The study used stem cell models of human motor neurons to reveal the gene STMN2 as a potential therapeutic target, demonstrating the value of this human stem cell model approach in […]

Acrolein As A Potential Multiple Sclerosis Biomarker

A biomarker for multiple sclerosis that could be an early warning for the disease has shown promise in both human and animal testing. Researchers at Purdue University and the Indiana University School of Medicine found that acrolein, a molecule previously suspected as a metabolic waste product that accumulates in people with certain neurological disorders such […]

Flexible Magnetic Wire Could Allow Early Cancer Detection

A magnetic wire used to retrieve scarce and hard-to-capture tumor cells could turn out to be a rapid and effective tactic for early cancer detection, researchers at the Stanford University School of Medicine report. The wire, which is threaded into a vein, attracts special magnetic nanoparticles engineered to glom onto tumor cells that may be […]

Alzheimer’s Disease Test Directly Measures Synaptic Loss

A new method for directly measuring synaptic loss in individuals with Alzheimer’s disease has been tested by Yale researchers. The method, which uses PET imaging technology to scan for a specific protein in the brain linked to synapses, has the potential to accelerate research for new Alzheimer’s treatments, the according to the researchers. This was […]