YouTube video claims new bendable glass for iPhone 6

Let the speculation on the next Apple product begin!

While Apple has yet to officially announce any details or specifications about the next iPhone model, a new claim has been making the rounds on the internet. In his latest video, YouTube reviewer Marques Brownlee claims to have acquired a production version of the outer screen for the new iPhone 6.

Brownlee reports that the upcoming iPhone will be composed of new ‘sapphire crystal glass’, and have a bigger screen. The video shows a glass plate measuring 4.7 inches diagonally, up from the iPhone’s current standard of 4 inches. Apple also has yet to say whether the phone would come in different sizes or what the protection would be.

Apple announced in late 2013 that it was partnering with GT Advanced Technologies for large scale manufacturing of the new glass in a factory in Arizona. According to the latest reports, Apple has been developing the technology to produce a high-end screen that will be almost as durable as diamond and won’t scratch. This new glass might be earmarked for the iPhone 6. The YouTube video claims that the new screen is made of “sapphire crystal glass,” which Apple already uses to cover camera lenses on iPhones and iPads and the home button on the current iPhone, the 5s.

The review site, Cult of Mac, ran the two kinds of glass through a number of tests and found the durability of the sapphire glass to be impressive, up to four times higher than the current glass. Gorilla Glass is currently used to protect the iPhone and iPad screens and on many other smart devices. Corning, maker of Gorilla Glass, has refuted the claims.

Calls to Apple were not immediately returned. The Los Angeles Times has not verified that the part is from Apple.