Your Contraception Options

When choosing which method of contraception you use, you need to first identify the many choices that are available to you and determine which one is the safest, easiest to use and most reliable.

There are four methods of contraception that are the most popular to use. These include male sterilization which is also known as a vasectomy.

Then there is female sterilization, which can be a complete hysterectomy or a tying of the tubes known as tubal ligation. Less permanent solutions include using the pill or the contraceptive injection. Each of these methods is believed to be as near prefect as is possible. They are rated at almost one hundred percent efficiency.

98-90% Effectiveness

The next group is given a rating of between ninety and ninety eight percent. These include the IUD, condom and the diaphragm accompanied by a spermicide. Using just a spermicide or using the withdrawal method are very risky and do not offer much protection.

Yet, if there is no other method used they are better than doing nothing. The final suggested method of contraception is abstention; it is guaranteed one hundred percent effective.

The deciding point is often a difficult one. Age could be a factor as may your relationship status. For example, if you are in a long term relationship and have a family that is just the right size for you, and your relationship seems to be a strong and long lasting one, then you may want to do something permanent so you do not have any more children.


In this case discussing sterilization is a good idea. Choosing which one of you should have the surgery is dependent on the couple. Just keep in mind that for a woman it is a major operation whereas for a man it is an outpatient procedure often done in the doctors office.

On the other hand a couple who are in a relatively new relationship should find a method that is agreeable to them both. Something permanent would not be appropriate in this case.

The truth is in many cases the responsibility for using contraception falls on the woman. Men seem to naturally assume that she is on the pill or that if she is not she is using something else.

Think Ahead Please

It is not often a question that a couple asks one another before they have intercourse. But, it should be. It would never hurt a man to have a condom with him, even if it seems to suggest he is hoping for a night of lovemaking. At least it shows he is taking responsibility.

Contraception is necessary to prevent unwanted pregnancy. Teenagers who believe that it will never happen to them or that you cannot get pregnant the first time wind up as teenage parents.

Surprises are a lovely part of life, but finding yourself pregnant when you are too young, not ready, not emotionally or financially capable is not a surprise you want to live with the rest of our life. Learning to use some method of contraception will prevent that surprise.

Illustration of Contraceptives Courtesy of Wellcome Images Library Creative Commons Licence