Back Pain Yoga

Do you work on your feet all-day coming home with lower back pain? Studies show that most people in their lifetime will experience lower back pain at least once in their lives, and for some its there as a constant ache. You dont have to stand on your feet to impact your back.

Sitting at a desk all-day and then go home and sit in the lounge in front of the television. An office workers back can hurt and he harmed just as easily as someone who does physical labor all-day. Did you know that any mental tension you carry around with you could have a negative affect on your back? Age also has to be factored in when we talk about a stiff back. Yoga can help that aching back.

Check with Your Doc

Ah, youre asking yourself how it could with all those impossible postures to get into. They even look painful for someone with an aching back! The good news is that yes, Yoga can help that back. Before you do start any new exercise program, consult your doctor first. Be sure that your aching back is not something else more serious.

After you have your doctors approval to start, take it slowly. You dont have to master the postures all in one day, week, or month. Remember you are trying to ease back pain, not increase it by trying to do the poses and postures too soon. Pay attention to what you back is telling you after you have had a couple of sessions.

Easy Does It

If youre having problems, slow down, try to master one posture at a time. Discuss the problems youre having with your instructor. They will be able to look at your posture and the way you are trying to do the asanas and let you know if you need to change anything.

Once you have started practicing Yoga, take it into your everyday life. Get moving! If you have to stand or sit in one place for a long, change positions at least every 15 minutes. Stretch, even if you cant sensibly leave your position or desk, you can change positions, stretch your legs, or move around to a different position. Relax, recognize when you are letting your muscles tense up, and take a breath. Go easy on yourself; you dont have to be perfect.

Maybe you are young and havent experienced any back problems yet. Your back can remain healthy and strong by working on your posture with Yoga. There are several precautions you can take to keep you back healthy are simple items we just dont think about before we do them.

In Everyday Life

For instance, when youre picking up something heavy, do you lift with your back by keeping your legs straight? Try bending your knees and dividing the weight evenly throughout your body as you lift. You should be doing stretching exercised to keep your back limber. Stretching before and after you finish a Yoga workout will help your back. Be easy on yourself and your back will thank you for it.