Why You Lose Hair

Hair loss is one of the many types of health related problems that several may begin to have, as they grow older. Understanding why there is a loss of hair can help you discover if it will be a problem with your age, and what you can do to prevent it from happening. Following are the major reasons someone is likely to lose their hair.


The first major reason for hair loss is related to genetics. This gene is a dominant trait that is usually present through the male gene. If you have a father, who was bald or lost hair, then you will be likely to lose your hair as well. However, it is important to realize that while you may lose hair from the gene, you can take care of yourself through nutrients to prevent this from happening.

The genes may also relate to the make-up of a males hormones, which causes hair loss to be a larger factor. The hormones may interact in a different way. As they age, the hormones will change how they function and interact.

The focus for hormones to supply specific chemicals will not be on the head area, and may cause less growth of hair in this area. If you are a woman, in imbalance in hormones may also affect hair growth and cause you to lose your hair. This is important to keep in mind while your hormones change and, as you need different nutrients.

The Stress Factor

Hair loss is also known to occur from those who are under stress. Being under stress will cause the muscles in your scalp to restrict. As this happens, the circulation to the scalp is cut off. If this happens often and for longer periods, then it may cause hair loss. However, stress is one of the smaller factors that relate to hair loss.

High Maintenance

Another major reason for hair loss is from the way that one may care for their hair. There is a natural hair growth cycle for each hair. If the hair dies, it is important to brush out the hair.

If it is removed, it will allow another hair to grow underneath it. However, if it is kept in the hair for a long period, it will suffocate the root of the hair and another hair will not be able to replace the dead hair in the same area. This will also be a problem if you dont regularly wash your hair to remove the dirt that stops the hair root from growing. If you wear a hat regularly, it may cause the same effect.

Knowing why hair loss occurs will help you in taking preventive measures to eliminate hair loss. By taking care of your hair, as well as understanding how different things will affect hair loss, you can make sure you take the right steps from preventing it from happening. Gaining the right information about hair loss and knowing how it will affect you are the first step to keeping healthy hair.

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