What to Eat to Speed up Your Metabolism

Just about everyone knows that a fast metabolism translates into a slender waistline and that when you are dieting, increasing your metabolism rate is the quickest way to drop those pounds. Unfortunately, many people go about dieting in all the wrong way and end up actually causing their metabolism to slow down to a snail’s pace, therefore making it just about impossible to lose the weight.

If you’ve been dieting and dieting and the scale just won’t budge, there may be a surprising answer, there’s a good chance you’re not eating enough. That’s right, the answer to losing weight may be to deprive yourself less and eat more, but not just any foods.

Foods to Boost Metabolism

There are certain foods you can eat that will make your metabolism jump into high gear and cause you to start losing weight.

First, think about what eating more makes sense when you are dieting. The inner workings of our bodies are a very complex set of processes that are the result of adaptations over many years.

Many scientists believe that our bodies have not yet adapted to modern conveniences, and this can be seen most drastically in the metabolism.

Your metabolism is the energy source for your body. It decides what calories get portioned out to run your body’s systems and which calories get stored as fat for a later time.

Over the years, our metabolisms learned to go into minimal operation mode and store fat when food was scarce so we wouldn’t run out of energy. Likewise, it learned to burn muscle before burning fat because fat is such an effective storage tool for energy.

Watch out for Starvation Mode

Nowadays, food is not scarce for people who live in countries where dieting happens, yet, when caloric intake is restricted, the metabolism doesn’t know that you have made an executive decision not to eat. It thinks the next meal may be a long time away, and so it slows down, converts calories that you do consume to fat and resists burning stored fat. Once this was a protective action – now it is just making your fatter.

So, the key to weight loss is making sure your metabolism not only doesn’t go into starvation mode but also that it has food that it has to work to break down. Eating a small meal every few hours tells your metabolism that it doesn’t have to worry about storage and to start burning fat. But what you eat matters.

Sugars will make your metabolism kick into overdrive and then crash down into starvation mode, leaving you hungry and your body converting the food you do eat to fat.

On the other hand, complex carbs, like whole grain bread and pasta, and especially fruits and vegetables, give your metabolism a steady boost because your body has to work to break them down. Protein is less effective than carbs in speeding up your metabolism, but it helps build muscle, which in turn revs your metabolism.

When it comes to losing weight, stop skipping meals and start eating foods that make your metabolism work. You’ll see the results on your scale.