What are Kettlebell Classes Like?

Kettlebell classes can be found in just about any big city, and some smaller areas, too. As with any fitness class, you’re going to find instructors who suit your needs, those that are too advanced, and some who fall behind what your body is capable of handling.

You can find kettlebell classes that are just for women, or mixed if you prefer that. They’re usually limited in numbers, since each person will need ample space to swing and move with the kettlebell.

If you’re new to kettlebell training, then you’ll want to start out by finding a beginner’s class. This type of class will show you the proper form in handling kettlebells and the right way to pick up the equipment and maneuver it to prevent injury and maximize your workout.

All Acton and No Talk

By: John Talbot

Most classes last about an hour, and in some cases, you may be required to have completed a specific level of training in another class before you sign up for a more advanced class.

There’s usually not a lot of talking in these types of fitness classes because the repetition and speed of the training means everyone is concentrating on his or her own workout and paying attention to their form.

Get ready to sweat a lot; bring a gym towel with you. This will prevent you from getting drenched, but it can also help you maintain control over the kettlebell, since sweaty hands could send the equipment flying through the air if you lose your grip.

Bring your own Kettlebell

Some classes will ask you to bring your own kettlebells, or you might simply have a preference for your own equipment. Other classes will provide a set of kettlebells for each person in attendance, so that you can choose the weight that’s right for you.

Many local classes keep their groups small in nature so that more personal attention is given to every participant. You may prefer this or the anonymity of a larger class.

Try to find a class where the instructor switches up the routine every day. You want someone who is innovative in his or her thinking about this type of exercise, so that boredom never sets in.

There are also specific kettlebell classes for rehabilitation, if you’ve been injured and need to use this form of exercise to help rebuild your strength and fitness stamina. There are even classes created for tactical career individuals, such as police, military and firefighters.

Whats the Buzz?

There are four mainreasons why you may have been hearing the buzzword “kettlebell” a lot lately. It’s gone from a traditional form of exercise to a fitness craze both genders are passionate about.

The number one why kettlebell fitness is hot is because weight loss continues to be an issue many people around the globe are striving for. Being overweight is something affecting more people than ever before and weight-related diseases like diabetes are exploding.

Kettlebell classes help people lose weight, doing two things at once. It helps build strength with its elements of weight training. Plus, the fast movements in the ballistic exercises provide a form of cardiovascular exercise that help you burn fat faster.

Many kettlebell classes will have a primary focus of fat loss and conditioning, so the training is fast-paced and geared toward those who want to sweat a lot and see results faster.

Back Pain Relief

By: Steven Depolo

By: Steven Depolo

Another reason who kettlebell is hot is that it’s been proven to assist in aiding with back pain. Back pain is something that has few treatments short of medical surgery. When kettlebells are used, not only is the back repaired, but the neck, too.

Unfortunately, many people who suffer from back pain believe they have to avoid weight training. They’re scared of kettlebells. But not only do they ease back pain – they prevent you from re-injuring yourself later.

Kettlebell exercises help you gain more strength in your trunk and core, which is where you need the most strength for your back. The key is to train properly, so learning the fundamental moves is imperative to your success.


By: popofatticus

Busy moms are another reason kettlebell fitness is a hot topic. Because the training is so intense, and usually includes a total body workout, you get more results with a shorter period of time.

This allows busy parents to work in their routine during the day in short bursts, rather than having to carve out a full hour to get the fitness benefits they desire. After participating in kettlebell training, moms and dads report to have a better quality of life.

Competitive athletes are also fueling the kettlebell fitness craze.

Not only does it help them gain mass, stay lean, increase flexibility and enhance their endurance, but it helps rehabilitate them in the event that they’re injured. Once trained, it prevents future injuries as well.

Kettlebell training helps them strengthen their abdominal muscles, legs, arms, back and core. Because the training requires great attention to form, it helps the athletes perform better, too.


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