What is Snoring


Up to 40 percent of all American adults snore, but not many people are aware of what exactly causes snoring. How many people know what serious effects it can have on the health of you and those who live with you?

Snoring is the rough sound that is produced when certain areas of the mouth and throat vibrate. A snorers soft palate rubs against the other tissues, causing the sound we all know too well.

The reason for snoring is that there is some blockage in your airway, and your body is doing all it can to try to get the oxygen that it needs. This makes snoring much more serious of a problem than the simple annoyance most people think of it as.

Where does Snoring Happen

The restriction may occur anywhere in the airway, from the tip of the nose, to as deep down as the vocal cords. The blockage that causes snoring can in fact be present in the daytime as well as the night, however, it happens most frequently at night, due to the fact that while we sleep, our muscles become more relaxed, including the ones located in our throat.

This is why people may snore at night but not face terrible restrictions while awake. While awake, our airways muscle tone is much more firm. To know the precise causes of your snoring, you must understand that there is a multitude of reasons why different people snore. Then, you must determine which ones relate to you, and then you can figure out exactly what you need to do to cure yourself.

The 4 Reasons Why People Snore

Four of the most principle reasons that people snore are:

  • obesity
  • alcohol or sleeping pill usage
  • nasal deformities
  • sleeping on the back

Obesity is a big issue in terms of snoring because of the fatty deposits that occur in the body when one is overweight. The neck and throat may lodge some of these deposits, and that can constrict your airway, causing you to be at a greater risk for snoring. The general method for curing snoring due to obesity is to simply lose the weight.

Alcohol and sleeping pill usage affects snorers because these depressant drugs relax your muscles including the ones located in your throat. So, in much of the same way as sleeping relaxes your muscles, the effect is increased when one has been drinking alcohol or taking sleeping pills.

To stop snoring from alcohol, it is advised to have your last drink at least 4 hours before you go to sleep. (or simply do not drink alcoholic beverages at all)

Nasal deformities can instigate airway restriction due to how air flows through the deformity. The solution for this issue can be a simple over-the-counter mouthpiece that helps correct your airflow while you sleep, but if the problem cannot be solved in this manner, surgery may be necessary.

A lot of snorers only snore while they sleep on their back, so, as simple as the solution may sound don’t sleep on your back! Easier said than done, of course. One method people use to break the habit of sleeping on their backs is to put a tennis ball in a sock and pin it to the back of their pajamas, making it uncomfortable to sleep with the tennis ball underneath them.


Last Updated on November 14, 2022