Weight Training for Women Golfers Top Performance

Building strength and muscle tone is important for activity in any sport, and golf is no exception. Endurance training for stamina, like aerobic exercise, is important to be able to perform your best right up until the last hole on the course.

But, another aspect that is just as important is training with weights to strengthen muscles. Golfer weight training targets different muscles than other programs, so it is necessary to learn the specific muscles that are going to be worked on with a golf training regime.

The golf swing puts tremendous pressure on the muscles and joints in the shoulder, elbow and wrists and also produces high forces on the lower back and structures in the hip.

As you work through a weight training program that focuses on these areas, you will be able to produce more power in your swing with less of an effort, which will put less stress on these muscles.

Increasing Lengthening Capacity

By: Neville Wootton

Since your muscles have the natural ability to lengthen and relax, when you perform exercises designed to focus on particular muscles groups, they will be able to increase the lengthening capacity. This helps to improve joint flexibility and range of movement for the muscles.

Weight training is designed to focus on muscles using external forces like weights and resistance forcing these muscles to contract in response to the workout.

There are exercises that can help with resistance training and special equipment that can be used, but many exercises can be adapted with any kind of weight or external force.

Each golf weight training program will have cycles of training, depending where you are in the season. Normally, the preseason and into the season will focus on building strength and muscle mass, whereas the other times may be more focused on maintenance.

Upper Body

In golf, it will be the upper body that delivers the force of the swing, so these muscles need to be strengthened, but remember to also work on the posterior muscles, such as the gluteals, hips, upper thighs and abdominal muscles.

These muscles are crucial to the proper execution of the golf swing. Squats and weight lifts from a squatting position are very good for working on these muscle groups.

It is also important to remember to protect the shoulder joint in all of the weight training exercises, because this area will already receive adequate workout during the actual performance on the course. Normal soreness is going to occur, but make sure you monitor for any pain in the joints or undue muscle discomfort to be sure that no damage has been done during the training exercises.

It is important to find a good golfer weight training program that will help you to build your muscles to perform better on the course, without doing any damage to your muscles or joints.

Look for a professional that can help you design a weight strengthening program that will suit your specific needs and help improve your golf game.

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