Weather Headaches


Some people suffer from weather headaches. Although for the longest time this was not an understood phenomenon it seems to now be a well-recognized headache trigger. They are commonly referred to as barometric pressure headaches.

Although it has not yet been proven whether these headaches are caused by the constriction or swelling of the blood vessels in the head there is no doubt that those changes in the blood vessels are the cause of weather headaches.
Evidence shows they the change in blood flow is caused by the increased oxygen level that occurs with the pressure changes. This can cause migraines or just headaches. These pressure changes are also the reason people get headaches when they fly.

Lightning, Temperature and Pressure

A recent study of weather headaches was conducted at an American university. A comparison was done between those who do not commonly suffer from headaches and those who were known to be migraine sufferers. The results were that not only was pressure found to affect headaches, particularly migraines, but so did a rise in temperature.

This only confirmed a study conducted in the early 1980s the results of which were that particular weather changes definitely increase migraine headaches. These weather fronts include low pressure, high temperatures, high humidity and cloudy skies.
Most evidence also pointed to lightening being a trigger for migraines. This has prompted some websites to now not only tell you the weather but to include in their forecasts warnings about how the weather fronts will affect weather sensitive conditions like headaches or arthritis.


Once it is understood that there are indeed headaches directly related to the weather the question remains what can be done about it? The first thing is to see your healthcare provider to see if they can suggest some medication or other alternatives. They will want some proof that you have noticed a tie-in between your headaches and the weather.

You will surprise them by producing the headache diary you’ve been keeping for the last couple of months. In it you will have correlated the instances when your headaches, migraines or otherwise, appear to have been triggered by the weather. In your diary, you will have noted what the barometric pressure was when your headaches began since you had gone out and bought a good quality digital barometer to make sure the information in your headache diary was accurate

Some health care providers will tell you that if you know the pressure is going to change then take some ibuprofen before the headache comes on. This might stop the headache, but at the very least should diminish your headache pain. . If you’re about to travel your physician may suggest taking some ibuprofen just before you board the plane.

Headache sufferers are finding this is making for a more pleasant and less painful flight. Ibuprofen is an anti-inflammatory, which helps by reducing inflammation of the vessels in the head. Some physicians may suggest that when you go to lie downturn on a humidifier or ionizer.


Last Updated on October 14, 2022