As a health and fitness professional, people often ask me “How can I lose weight fast?” That’s hard to answer because there are dozens of ways to lose weight fast. I recall an article from two years ago which listed 101 ways to lose weight fast and most of them made sense (although a lot of them were tongue in cheek and more humorous than effective).

Try Weight Training and Cardio Exercises

The point is that anyone can pursue several options for losing weight quickly, depending on their particular body type or personal inclinations. Here are two of the most effective ways: weight training and cardio exercises.

1. Weight Training to Lose Weight Fast

One of the best and fastest ways to burn calories is to have a high metabolism and this can be achieved by adding muscles on your frame. It is a scientific fact: the more muscles you have, the more calories you burn.

By some estimates, each pound of lean muscle can lead to a loss of an additional 35-50 calories a day, 1,500 calories a month and an astounding 18,000 calories a year – and that’s from one pound of lean muscle. According to health estimates from a prestigious fitness publication, each weight training session results into 400-600 burned calories on the average.

Here are some tips to remember on how you can lose weight fast through weight training: limit your rest periods between sets (resting for only 30 seconds between sets increases caloric burn by 50%), speed up the pace (try to accomplish more in less time), institute progressions (increase weight loads and exercises after every four to six weeks), go for multi-joint exercises and use free weights.

Get plenty of rest in between sessions. Train your abdominal muscles to increase your endurance. If you want a slim waistline, don’t use heavy loads on your abs. Rather, use a weight that is light enough to allow 15 reps per set, with minimal rest between sets.

2. Cardio to Lose Weight Fast

The primary principle behind cardio is to burn more calories than you add. To lose weight fast, try to put in four to six cardio sessions a week, with each session about 30 to 60 minutes long.

Among cardio exercises, the treadmill has been found to be one of the most effective as it burns up to 40 grams of fat per hour of exercise, based on a 70% MHR or maximal heart rate, higher than pedaling on a stationary bike.

It is best to do cardio exercises when you are hungry, which is why many people do their cardio routine in the morning before breakfast. You tend to burn off more fat this way. As with weights, it’s important to vary your cardio exercises from time to time so you may also want to experiment with running outdoors, especially running on sand on the beach, which is more difficult than running on cement. Unlike weights where you start slow and build up speed, in cardio exercises you should start strong and with high intensity then taper off as you finish.

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