Wavefront Laser Surgery

Wavefront LASIK surgery is also known as custom LASIK surgery uses 3-dimensional measurements of precisely how your eye processes images. It then uses those measurements to find out how best to use the laser in reshaping the cornea. This new customized surgery will correct vision problems that may not be correctable with regular LASIK surgery.

Individualized vision corrections are done precisely with the Wavefront measurements and are extremely precise. The customized surgery may correct vision problems that glasses and other forms of corrective eye surgery will not correct.

You will need to be qualified under the Food and Drug Association before a surgeon would consider Wavefront LASIK surgery. There are certain guidelines that need to be met before a surgeon would perform this surgery. One consideration they will consider is the thickness of your cornea. If you have high degrees of myopia, hyperopia, and a high astigmatism, you may be a good candidate for this surgery.

Other Methods of Correction

There are methods of correcting vision problems such as eyeglasses, or traditional LASIK surgery but other irregularities could not be corrected until the discovery of Wavefront and other technologies connected to customized LASIK surgery. With custom LASIK surgery a 3-D map is created to measure the way your eyes focus light rays. It shows the irregularities and the information is used to guide the laser to reshape your cornea and correct the problems.

There are strong benefits to having customized corrective eye surgery. This new method can improve your eyesight and give you 20/20 vision but will improve how well you see also. Contrast sensitivity and fine detail is improved and there is a reduced risk of complications. Post-LASIK problems can include glare, problems with night vision and halos.

Aberrations of Vision

There are two kinds of visual aberrations. This newer technique will treat both higher and lower forms of aberrations. High-level aberrations can create problems with contrast sensitivity, glare, problems seeing at night, shadows and halos.

Lower forms of aberrations are common refractive errors such as myopia, hyperopia, and mild astigmatism.

Benefits of Wavefront Laser Surgery

What are the advantages to custom LASIK or Wavefront LASIK? You could possibly have increased visual quality and contrast sensitivity, a greater chance of having 20/20 or better vision, and will have a reduced rate of having night-vision problems such as glare and halos. You will also have better sensitivity and fine detail vision. This new surgery may be the answer for people who will not be helped by other forms of corrective surgery.

A professor of ophthalmology from Harvard Medical School states Wavefront LASIK surgery allows the surgeon to improve overall vision quality better than any technique discovered so far. One statistic states that patients showed 40 percent improvement in their vision after regular LASIK surgery but those patients who had Wavefront LASIK showed an 88 percent improvement in their vision. This is great news for those patients who were told that corrective surgery would not help correct their eye problems. Wavefront LASIK may improve eyesight for those patients with a high astigmatism.