No longer is the swimming pool the sole preserve of swimmers. Water aerobics has greatly changed this concept because the benefits of water exercises are many. Water aerobics are instrumental in improving the cardiovascular fitness and also result in better endurance through use of muscles which gain in strength.

As a result of the buoyancy that water provides as well as the support that a body receives from water there are fewer worries about getting muscle, bone or joint injuries. Mainly because water aerobics are generally performed in chest-high water both swimmers and non-swimmers get attracted to it.

Improve Cardiovascular Fitness

Water aerobics uses many rhythmic body movements as well as dance steps that needs to be done in the water. There are basic as well as advanced programs and beginning programs teaches the participant to put together arm as well as leg movements in different combinations.

With more intricate dance steps being added the water aerobics exercises become more advanced with better callisthenic movements being added. Usually, an instructor will lead the fitness regime that can be performed either accompanied by music or without music.


When the level of water is higher than chest level certain flotation devices have to be used in deep water and there are also other equipment such as kick boards, woggles and hand buoys that are used. Mostly, the water aerobic exercise will last forty to fifty minutes plus time being allocated for warming up as well as cooling off and also, stretching routines.

As mentioned, the main aim of the water aerobics is to better the cardiovascular condition of the person and due to the resistance of the water, these water exercises will help better the person’s strength as well as improve flexibility, which should make the muscular endurance abilities become better and more balanced.

This form of exercising can be performed by people of all age groups and fitness levels and because only 10 to 15 percent of the body weight is not supported by water it leads to less stress being placed on the joints during aquatic exercising, when compared with land exercising.

Water is thus an ideal choice not only for healthy people but also for those who may have a medical condition like people suffering from arthritis, neck and back problems as well as strokes and obese people. The water aerobics exercises will cause a body to expend more energy and on an average, 450 to 700 calories get burned during an hour of water aerobics.

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