Walking and Losing Weight

When we were approaching our first birthday walking was exciting and we were very proud of our achievements regarding walking. Somehow as we aged walking and other forms of exercise became a dirty word to those of us who are in need of losing a few pounds.

The truth is that if you need to lose weight walking just may be an easy and entertaining way to lose weight. Yes, there is such as thing as walking your way to losing weight.

Distance over Time

When it comes to losing weight by walking, distance is more important than time. It is more important that you walked a mile versus not walking at all and not at all how long it took you to achieve the feat. You do need to understand how many calories you burn while walking if you have a particular weight loss goal in mind.

If you want to burn off two pounds a week, you will need to walk long enough to burn off 3500 calories in a week if you are a person who weighs 160 pounds and you walk at a rate of two miles per hour, you will burn 105 calories in that hour.

A good goal is to walk about 6 hours a week. If you carry weights while you walk, you will burn more calories. You can carry a backpack with weight in it to make this easier on you. Walking will not only help you to lose weight you can also tone leg muscles and feel happier too.

Outside or Inside

Outdoor walking is not the only way to lose weight you can also walk indoors on a treadmill at a gym or around an indoor track. Outdoor walking is more entertaining because as you walk you can look at neighborhood houses and lawn, greet neighbors, explore community parks and hiking and bike trails and really get to know your neighborhood.

A treadmill has advantages too like not having to deal with inclement weather, stray dogs or bikes. The other advantage of a treadmill is that you can keep track of the number of miles you walk, and your speed.

Knowing this information may be helpful when it comes to tracking your weight loss progress and setting new goals (how many more miles would you need to walk for an additional pound a week etc.)

Walking does not require special equipment and just about any physically able person can do this exercise and lose weight as long as they walk consistently. Walking can become a habit that is enjoyable if you allow yourself to form that habit (usually two weeks). You may find that after two weeks you actually look forward to your walks.

If you walk in the morning you can elevate your metabolism throughout your day, which will benefit your weight loss goal the most. Walking at night will not raise your daily metabolism so it does not have the same weight loss benefit. So, if weight loss is why you walk, then it is best to plan to walk in the morning.