VIDEO: Lyft finally brings mustachioed ride shares to NYC

New Yorkers – Have you found your over-saturation of taxicabs and Uber cars somehow inadequate? Have you felt left out due to your inability to ride in a personal vehicle sporting a large, pink mustache on its grill? Well, fret no more: According to their blog, ride sharing app Lyft will begin service in New York City as of 7 pm this Friday.

Manhattanites, sit tight – for now, the service is only available for pickups in Brooklyn and Queens.

“Brooklyn and Queens are vastly underserved by public transit options compared to the rest of New York City. In fact, just one of New York’s 23 subway lines passes solely between boroughs, and 95% of taxi pickups happen in Manhattan or a local airport,” they wrote in the blog post.

The Uber competitor claims a petition calling for the service has already gathered thousands of signatures from outer borough residents, for whatever that’s worth. While Lyft offers the same lower fares and ease of access as Uber, they claim they also allow passengers to “meaningfully connect with someone in their community as they share the ride.” Translation – unlike with Uber or a taxicab, lyft riders sit in the front seat.

“Artists, parents, non-profit workers and even a local New York firefighter make up the community of drivers who will pioneer ridesharing in New York City, and they can’t wait to help drive this progress forward,” they note, hammering home the localized, community angle of the service.

They claim their $1,000,000 per-vehicle insurance policy is more than triple what’s required by cab drivers, who must adhere to strict licensing requirements. Lyft is offering NYC riders two free weeks of rides to get accustomed to the service and “beat the summer heat.”

The announcement comes shortly after news that UberX, Lyft’s nearest personal vehicle competitor, slashed rates across several cities in the U.S.

Check out the video below, wherein Lyft makes its case for a NYC footprint: