Vasectomy Recovery Time

A vasectomy is a permanent birth control option chosen by many men each year. Its estimated that 500,000 men choose this procedure each year in the U.S. alone. Its chosen by men who either dont want any more children or who dont want to birth children at all.

Vasectomies have a near one-hundred percent success rate and most reversal processes are unreliable but they can be done. This makes the procedure so popular. In addition, vasectomy recovery time can take anywhere from two days to a week; a man often returns to work almost immediately following the procedure.

A vasectomy takes less than thirty minutes and is performed using a local anesthetic. It is performed in an outpatient capacity and is much less complex than female infertility methods. Because of the simplicity of the procedure, the vasectomy recovery time, while varied from man to man, is much shorter than other surgical procedures. This is one of the major reasons this is a preferred method of permanent birth control for a couple.

What the Recovery Time Depends On

The vasectomy recovery time depends on the patient and how the surgery is performed. A vasectomy works by severing the vas deferens, the tube that carries sperm into the ejaculate, thus making the man infertile. One of the common ways this is performed is by making a small incision through which the vas deferens is pulled through and sealed with a clamp, suture or laser. This usually leaves a small scar and a wound that needs to heal, thus lengthening vasectomy recovery time.

Another method of the procedure negates the use of a scalpel. In this version of the surgery, pointed hemostats that resemble a pair of tweezers are used to make a small hole through which to pull the vas deferens through. In this version of the procedure, there is no cutting thus there is no wound that takes time to heal. The vasectomy recovery time for this procedure generally takes a shorter time than the previous versions that require a scalpel.

Birth Control Surgery with Little Downtime

Whichever method a man chooses, the vasectomy recovery time should include some swelling for a few days. He may also experience some pain that lasts anywhere from a few days to a week. However, the vasectomy recovery time that includes doing day to day activities is almost immediate. Therefore, given that he doesnt have too demanding of a job, a man may be able to return to work almost immediately.

It is important to note, though, that even though the vasectomy recovery time is so short, sperm may remain in a mans ejaculate following a vasectomy for up to three months. He should have his semen tested to determine the levels of sperm to prevent from getting his partner pregnant during this vasectomy recovery time.

Vasectomies are a great option for men who dont want to birth children and who dont want to worry about other conventional forms of contraception. Vasectomy recovery time is almost immediate, which makes it a very popular form of surgery for many men.

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