Vasectomy Complication

Vasectomy is actually one of the most simple and cost efficient ways to prevent pregnancies. Unfortunately, it is also quite permanent. Physicians usually explain this fact thoroughly when a family comes forward with the decision of undergoing a vasectomy for the purpose of birth control.

Vasectomy Complications Rare

The vasectomy is actually a very safe procedure. The worst complication or side effect it has, if you can call it a side effect, is that a vasectomy is not reversible in the majority of cases. This is why people (men) should be very careful before they undertake this procedure. A vasectomy complication is extremely rare, though there are some concerns in this field.


Some men develop a blow out after the procedure, which specifically involves the bursting of the epididymis and/or the severed vas deferens ducts due to pressure built up during sexual intercourse (ejaculation). Though by itself it is not life-threatening or even serious, it is nonetheless highly unpleasant when it occurs.

Following this type of explosion, the sperm spills into the blood, which is now no longer recognized as home production. As a result, another vasectomy complication is encountered, i.e. the body’s immune system is activated against the sperm as a foreign body causing pain, inflammation, and other related symptoms. It is suspected, though not yet proven by research, that this auto-immune reaction is one the main causes for prostrate cancer.


Some men develop another type of vasectomy complication which is chronic pain. Though it is universally accepted that this is not a common side effect nonetheless there are possibilities that men may develop acute and chronic pain in the scrotal region following a vasectomy.

Therefore it is always advisable to have the opinion of at least two outstanding medical practitioners before you decide on whether or not this procedure is the best choice for you. It is true that this is an affordable and quite a simple procedure to perform; however the fact that it is irreversible should be taken very seriously.

On the other hand, female sterilization, though it is a bit more complicated to perform, is a better choice because it is easily reversible and has just as good a rate of success as the vasectomy enjoys. In this way you would totally avoid the exposure to any vasectomy complication.

For those who are considering a vasectomy reversal, please keep in mind that the procedure should be done within six years from the time of the vasectomy. The age of the man, which is also a very crucial factor, should not exceed 40, though ideally 35 is the outer limit.