Varicose Veins and Pregnancy

Along with your happiness and excitement and little hormonal changes, youve probably started to think of all you dont know about pregnancy and maybe youre feeling a bit timid…youve heard moms talking about their own pregnancies, and sometimes it can sound a little scary!

Youve probably heard all the Family stories about pregnancies and births and sometimes that can sound a little…well, scary as well. Youve heard your mom and aunts and sisters and cousins talk about all kinds of things that sound kind of…well, youd like to know something about Varicose Veins.

Thats a biggie in the Family Womens collection of stories, you remember them saying that everyone in the Family Gets Them, Theyre Inherited, well, yes, and thats somewhat true. Varicose veins are a genetic predisposition, but that doesnt mean that you cant prevent or reduce their severity if you start now to take care of yourself.

And the cool thing about the ways you can fight varicose veins are exactly the same things that will help your general health and have an easier pregnancy, help get you through labor and childbirth, and will really help when its time to loose the baby fat!

That can be your big story when the tales are told for someone else.

OK, you probably know what a varicose vein looks like, and theyre not pretty. But know that they dont spontaneously pop out on a pregnant womans leg. They are the end result of a lot of different factors.

Over time, the pressure of blood being pumped up the leg can cause the veins to lose elasticity and widen. The valves inside can pull away from the vein wall and lose their ability to pump. Blood starts to pool in the vein and it can widen more and become twisted. That is basically the score as to how a varicose vein shows up. But what can you do about it not happening to you?

    1. Exercise! Walking is about the best therapy there is, because the calf muscle has a lot to do with helping the vein pump. Get yourself going with whatever physical activity you like to do and the OB Doc has sanctioned. One sport that isnt OK is weightlifting because it puts too much stress on your veins.

    2. Eat! Low fat, high fiber foods are on the menu now! Gaining a lot of weight with the baby will put strain on your veins. Avoid constipation with lots of fruits, veggies, and fiber.

    3. Drink! Lots and lots of water, to keep you hydrated.

    4. Dont! Smoke, or drink alcohol. Lay off the salt intake.

    5. Fashion No-Nos! Ditch the high heels; theyre not good for your circulation. Ditto on those tight knee highs that leave an indentation on your leg for hours. Uncomfortable clothes that bind you anywhere have to go as well; also shaper garments that are tight on your legs.

    6. Do! Walk tall, skip, do a little dance, laugh, love, hope and dream!