Varicose Veins on Men

Varicose veins seem to have a knack of being there before you even know it. That itchy place on your calf you seem to be scratching more, albeit absentmindedly has kind of popped out your leg, all there and purpely. That bothersome spot that just aches for no reason on your ankle, you know, the one that wakes you up sometimes, now also all there and purpely.

Whoa, you might think, that looks exactly like the purpely thing Aunt Agnes had on her leg, and lo, the mystery is over. It is exactly like Aunt Agnes.

Varicose veins have a way of running in the family, excuse the lame pun. Now, though, is the time to rein in your imagination and try some rational thinking about the condition. Now is not the time for revenge fantasies about Auntie. Not only will it do no good, its a little creepy.

Legs Most Common Place

Anyway, were not finished with the varicose vein story. What can be worse than purple spaghetti on my leg, you ask? Well, as varicose veins are usually situated in the lower half of your body, there is a very common type of varicose vein that is hardly ever called by its correct name, yet is suffered by people all over the world.

We are referring to the hemorrhoid, and that little varicose vein has been responsible for millennia of painful embarrassment.

Did you know that Napoleon is said to have lost the battle of Waterloo largely because of his hemorrhoids? Look it up on the Internet if you dont believe me. Whether its a bit of a comfort to know that or not, its some interesting trivia you might find useful someday.


Theres more to tell, though. We havent even gotten to the varicocoele. What, you ask calmly, is that?
Well, it is said to feel like a warm tangle of worms in the scrotum, and whether that makes you feel happy or sad is none of my concern.

A varicocoele is a varicose vein that collects surrounding a testicle. It is a common condition that can affect up to 75% of males. It is almost always in the left testicle because the testicular veins are of different lengths and of different placements on each side. The varicosities form when the valve system connecting these veins fail, so that blood falls backward under the pull of gravity. Aching and discomfort afflict some, although some men never have symptoms.

For those who have the symptoms big time, wearing an athletic supporter helps. Warm baths and proper support can help a lot, but you want to take steps to lessen and alleviate symptoms.

Losing weight and reducing pressure on your vascular system should be the priority. Walking, swimming (which lessens a lot of gravity where it counts), changing your diet to add more fiber, veggies, and fruit will help prevent constipation, which should be another priority.
And loosen up! Youre not fighting the Battle of Waterloo, its just life. Slow down a little and relax; in the years to come youll be glad you did.