Varicose Veins after Childbirth

So you have brought your baby home and you are so busy its hard to get a minute to yourself! How are you feeling?

Along with joy and pride, theres also sleep deprivation. How is your body doing? Its been through quite a bit, lately, and you are going through changes in your body; but perhaps some of the changes aren’t happening as quickly as you’d like. When are the varicose veins going away?

Take heart; within three months of childbirth, the majority of all kinds of varicose veins (along with varicose veins on the legs, we are also talking about hemorrhoids and varicosities of the vulva and labia), are either, gone, going, getting better, or changing for the better! Meanwhile, just remember to take just a little time each day for yourself, and take advantage of some of these ideas to help Mom feel better!

Sitz Baths

Especially if you also had an episiotomies, soaking that whole region will give you relief from swelling, pain, and itch. You can do it in a basin as a sitz bath, or in the bathtub. If its OK with your doc, you might add a bit of chamomile to the bathtub.

Actually, a couple bags of chamomile tea thrown in while the tub is filling make a no-mess disposal later. (Especially if you shop at the warehouse kind of supermarket, or a supermarket that has its own health food sections with herbs and herbal teabags in the serve it yourself barrels, you will find that the healing herbs you are looking for are very often put into teabags. Buying the bulk teabags will save money and you will not need to buy a large amount of an herb when you don’t need it.)

Soak for as long as you can, and try to relax as completely as possible. Compresses for your tender parts can be made in the same way, with the teabags instead of bulk herbs. The compresses may be warm or cold, whichever method affords the most relief.

Take a Load Off

When you find the time to sit down, try to elevate your legs and buttocks. Sleep with your feet elevated, if possible.

For your hemorrhoids, try to keep your stool soft. There will be less straining, which is very hard on you. Drink prune juice, drink lots and lots of water (another thing that will be of benefit for several reasons!), get lots of bran down you and eat dried figs, peaches, etc.).

Vulvar and labial varices are benefited by a lot of the hints we have given you already, but the thing that they need the most is support. The more support, the less pain! Some new moms wear bicycling shorts. There is a kind of support garment you can buy online that supports well. Some women find wearing several sanitary napkins at one time provide firmness.

By far the most out there of the suggestions seems to not only work quite well, but might even be a fond memory between the parents. It is said that a jock strap can hold a large sanitary napkin and will firmly support it. Its even maybe a little romantic, if you and your lover have a kind of antic sense of humor!