Uncommon Causes of Bladder Incontinence

The causes of urinary incontinence are well noted such as the loss of bladder elasticity, weakened muscles, or an enlarged prostate. Medication may cause urinary incontinence as well. Most causes of urinary or bladder incontinence can be easily reduced or even cured.

Doing certain exercises that tighten the muscles that control the flow of urine can stop bladder and urinary incontinence. If medication, diet change, and exercises do not work, a patient may choose to have a surgical procedure done to help the problem.

There are a few unusual causes of incontinence besides the ones that are the most common. A patient may have a problem with the urethra sending the urine from the kidneys to the vagina or rectum. This situation can be taken care of surgically. Usually this form of urinary incontinence is found in babies or small children.

Spinal Damage

Damage to the spinal cord may also cause urinary incontinence problems especially if the injury is in the lower lumbar area of the spine. Many people with spinal injuries are unable to use the muscles that control the urine flow and the flow of the bowels.

Another unusual cause of urinary incontinence is if there is an infection found higher in the urinary tract or in the bladder. Infections can be treated with antibiotics and if the muscles are weakened while the infection is active, a patient may want to use the Kegel exercises to help strengthen them.

These exercises are easily done and you can use them anytime and anywhere. You shouldnt be using abdomen or leg muscles, or the muscles of your buttocks when doing these special exercises. No one around you should be able to tell you are exercising these muscles!

Too Much Hydration

Excessive water consumption may be another cause of bladder and urinary incontinence. Too much water can also cause looser bowels and cause fecal incontinence also. If a person drinks too much fluid, the bladder may not be able to contain it and will simply overflow. It is a problem if a person drinks too much water.

You normally should drink eight to ten glasses of water each day. Drinking water in excess has proven to be harmful, as new stories recently have pointed out. A contestant in a contest died because of water poisoning.

If a person is finding they are drinking an excessive amount of fluid, they should begin to look for underlying causes. Diabetes can cause excessive thirst, bladder infections, and severe kidney problems may also cause you to drink too much fluid. Urine and blood tests can be performed to decide if there is an underlying reasons your body wants so much fluid.

If you are experiencing bouts of urinary incontinence, you should contact your doctor. Do not let embarrassment keep you from getting the help you need to reduce or stop the problem. Unusual causes of urinary incontinence can be treated as well and your medical doctor will perform the necessary tests to find out what is at the root of your incontinence problem.