Treatment for Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

Chronic fatigue syndrome is a problem that has only been recognized as a form of illness until the year 1988. Since weve had so little experience with the syndrome, there is no sure-fire universal cure that can be helpful in eliminating the problem. There are, however, plenty of medical options that you can employ in order to lessen the symptoms that you are feeling. In this article, well examine some of those medical treatments, informing you about what types of symptoms you can relieve with their help.


Many people that have chronic fatigue syndrome experience sore muscles or joints, causing them to have painful sensations throughout their life. To that end, many with the disorder treat their pain by employing the use of pain relief medications such as aspirin and Tylenol. While the pills may not eliminate all of the pain, they can at least be useful in lessening it. For advanced cases of pain from chronic fatigue syndrome, a doctor may prescribe mild narcotics in order to counteract the problem.


Sleep disruption is another problem that is commonly faced by those who have a case of chronic fatigue syndrome. Since a good sleep schedule is important for keeping chronic fatigue syndrome at bay, you may want to consider using sleep aids or antihistamines in order to help your body to fall asleep more soundly.

Some also find that anti-depressants are useful for decreasing sleeping troubles caused by chronic fatigue syndrome. Doctors point out that the release of dopamine that anti-depressants cause may be responsible for the sound sleep that they help to provide.

Since irritable bowel syndrome also often accompanies a case of chronic fatigue syndrome, many doctors recommend anti-diarrhea medications used in conjunction with a high fiber diet in order to lessen the problem.

Dietary Changes

In addition to using medications to treat your case of chronic fatigue syndrome, you may also want to consider taking some other forms of action in order to fight the illness. Many people find that a healthy diet provided by a dietitian that is familiar with chronic fatigue syndrome can be helpful in numerous ways.

Herbal remedies are another option that patients with chronic fatigue syndrome may want to consider. Before you begin any type of medication, you should be sure that you speak to your doctor so that you can ensure that the medications wont counteract with other prescriptions you may be taking.

Since more and more research is being conducted in the area of chronic fatigue syndrome, our knowledge of the syndrome continues to grow. Hopefully, the future will allow us to discover the cause behind chronic fatigue syndrome so that we can learn what we can do in order to fight the illness.

Until that time, you should remember that while your problem is a daunting one, you can keep your symptoms under control for the most part by taking care of yourself by learning all that you can about the syndrome and what can help you to find relief. Be sure to keep in contact with your doctor in order to ensure that you are successfully controlling your problem.