Parkinson’s Disease Treatments

There is no big hurry to begin treatment for the symptoms of Parkinson’s, since if treatment is not started immediately, then the person is not disadvantaged in any way. In fact, some experts recommend that a person waits until their symptoms are causing some difficulties with their daily living before they start treatment.

At this time no medication or drug has been shown to slow or stop the progression of this Parkinsons. A variety of medications provide dramatic relief from the symptoms. Various physical therapies and muscle-strengthening exercises can also be beneficial in reducing the most troublesome symptoms of Parkinsons. In some cases, surgery is an appropriate treatment.

There is no standard or “best” treatment for Parkinsons, and various treatments are available in the following categories:

    Risk Avoidance
    By reducing or eliminating as many of the risk factors as possible, it should be possible to greatly reduce your chances of developing Parkinson’s as a result of those causes.
    Physical Therapy
    Life Style Changes
    Medications and Drugs

When physical therapy and lifestyle changes are not enough to combat or reduce the effects of Parkinson’s, your doctor will likely recommend certain medications, either alone or in combination. Eventually, as the disease progresses, a surgical procedure may be required.