Treatment of Male Menopause

There are many ways to cope with the symptoms of male menopause. The following tips may ease the symptoms and help you to cope in general with the many changes (physiological, emotional and mental) that occur during male menopause.


Give your body what it craves by nourishing it with a diet of low-fat and high-fiber. Exercise on a regular basis by doing something that you enjoy with a friend or group of friends. It is also helpful to get lots of rest at night and if needed during the day as well.

Alcohol or caffeine may aggravate your symptoms so avoid or at least limit your consumption of alcoholic beverages and also beverages and foods containing caffeine. Drinking lots of water is also very beneficial for your body. There are many other ways to relieve stress like taking up a hobby, sharing some time with a neighbor or close friend.

Your medical professional should carefully consider testosterone replacement therapy. There is a slight risk for prostate cancer when males have a susceptibility to prostate cancer. There are two types of hormone replacement synthetic and natural. Searching the Internet for “hormone replacement” can lead you to much research on the topic.

You can locate many natural sources of hormone therapy that you can share with your medical professional. The hormones that decrease as males age are: testosterone, thyroid, DHEA and human growth hormone (HGH). Hormone replacement therapy can be safe as long as the hormones used are natural and not synthetic. Natural bio-identical hormones are those that are identical to those that the body produces.

A huge part of coping with the physiological aspects of male menopause is understanding the connection between the pituitary in the brain, and the testicles with the symptoms males experience as the hormone levels decrease. When there is a balance in the levels of these hormones males feel better. Treatment should be all about maintaining that balance.

Therefore the treatment plan should involve blood tests before treatment begins, following treatment has initiated and during treatment at regular intervals. A healthcare professional should monitor both the treatments and the monitoring of hormone levels.


Treating the emotional roller coaster that males undergo is much like treating the females going through the menopause period of their life. Getting someone to a level state of emotions involves introducing a calming and serene atmosphere in whatever form the individual responds to. It might mean having time at a Spa, or walking along a hiking trail, or spending time relaxing with a favorite book.

Sometimes the emotions can heal when not only peace is restored but also the individual can again find a sense of self-worth. Sometimes the best therapy is volunteerism, getting involved in the needs of others can have a very freeing effect on individual whom are wrapped in turmoil. It also helps to have the emotional support of spouse/partner/family or friends.


Treatment is used to allow a change for the positive in the way we think about others and ourselves. Aromatherapy is one natural treatment that can bring about calm, a sense of balance and can help to rejuvenate the male body, mind and spirit.

The use of essential oils has been used in France and by many practitioners when working with their clients has seen improvements. Essential oils are any natural organized substance that is produced by bark, beans, blossoms, fruits, herbs, leaves, sacs, seeds, or rinds.

Talking with others who understand and can sympathize with what males are experiencing as they go through this phase of their lives. If there are not already groups set up, speak with community groups like those at community centers and churches to see if one can be set up.