Treating Acne At Home

Most everyone develops acne at some point and caring properly for acne at home is important in order to minimize the appearance of acne and to help clear it up. Acne comes in several forms including pimples, whiteheads, blackheads, and cysts.

Severe acne can leave both physical scars and emotional scars. The symptoms of acne are a reddened pus-filled lesion on the skin, or multiple lesions. Acne just doesn’t show up on the face it can also show up on your back, chest and neck area.

Treatment Options

Acne is curable and there are home treatments as well as professional treatments that you can have done if the acne becomes prolonged in duration, causes undo stress or you feel that it has become severe. There are a number of things that you can do at home though to minimize the severity of the breakouts and to help acne heal faster.

Caring for acne requires taking care of the causes of acne. So, first you must know what it is that can cause you to break out.

Clogged pores cause acne, excessive oil on the skin can lead to acne and also skin irritations can be a cause of your acne.

Now that you know what can lead to acne breakouts, you need to know how to prevent these things from happening.

Care for Pores

Clogged pores are one cause of acne and you have several choices for caring for your pores so that they do not become clogged. Using commercially prepared strips can unclog pores. Strips come in different shapes and sizes and are designed to be used on your nose, forehead and chin. They come in different sizes and shapes so that they fit these areas. The strips are applied to the skin and removed after a specified time period.

Make sure that you carefully read the instructions on the box before applying the strip. When the strip is removed, the pores under the strip are unclogged. Facial masks also unclog pores. You can make a visit with a skin professional to have your pores unclogged for a fee.

Cleansing the face is the most important part of caring for your acne. Cleaning the skin removes both oil and bacteria. You just need to remember to use a mild soap and not a harsh one. It is not necessary to use soap that is specially formulated for acne, any mild soap will remove oil and dirt.

It is important not to pick at acne because it will further inflame the acne and lengthen the healing time.

There are many commercial preparations used to treat acne, seek medical professionals help in deciding which if any are necessary to use.

Watch your Surroundings

Staying away from irritants in the air and in the workplace can also help to reduce the occurrence of acne.

Pollution and dirt can clog the pores on your skin. Hormonal changes can also aggravate your skin. Oily hair can also increase the oil that ends up on your skin, if the hair touches the skin. Wear your hair pulled back to help keep the hair off your skin. Products that you use on your skin or in your hair can irritate your skin and cause acne.

Washes and creams used for acne are more effective when they contain benzoyl peroxide because it fights bacteria that cause acne. Just make sure you check with your doctor first before using them.

Care for the skin on your back by washing with soap and using a rough cloth or loofah on your back everyday. If the acne on your back is bothersome you may be able to use some acne preparations on the skin of your back with help.

Some birth control pills have actually been found to clear up acne because the pills help to stabilize hormones and uncontrolled hormones can lead to acne.

Irritations such as scrubbing your skin too hard, or things like cloth that rubs against your skin, harsh clothing and even your hair can irritate skin. Some individuals are irritated by harsh laundry soaps when the clothing washed in them are rubbed against the skin.

Laser treatments can also be effective against acne. The downside is that laser treatments are expensive and usually not covered by insurance because they are usually coded for cosmetic purposes and not for a medical necessity.

Before the expense of professional treatments try the home skin care tips first to see if they help to clear up your acne. Usually anything that keeps your body healthy, like good eating habits, getting enough sleep and not stressing out, can also be good for keeping your skin clear and healthy.