Is Hepatitis C Treatable

Hepatitis C is virus passed by blood contact, it was initially found in the 1970s and confirmed as Hepatitis C in the late 1980s. Since then this viral infection has become an epidemic across the globe with hundreds of millions infected. The problem with Hepatitis is that people dont know they have the infection in most cases, as symptoms arent normally noticeable.

If you become infected with the Hepatitis C virus then you unfortunately hold the risk of carrying the infection for your lifetime, currently there is no permanent cure for Hepatitis C.

To someone who has just been diagnosed with Hepatitis C it can feel like the world has fallen around them. As time has gone by the advances in technology have created treatments to help alleviate the progression of Hepatitis C, giving patients a better way of life.

Current treatments

There is one treatment available to those who suffer from Hepatitis C; this treatment involves taking 2 different drugs as a combination for a period of six to twelve months. Although this treatment does not cure Hepatitis C it can, in the long term, give the patient a better way of life as it staves off the progression of liver damage and the possibility of getting Cirrhosis.

The two drugs taken are Interferon alpha and Ribavirin

Interferon is a type of natural protein that most living animals create within the immune system as a response to challenge foreign bodies.

Ribavirin is an anti-viral drug that can interfere with viral genetic material duplicating.

The effectiveness of Ribavirin and Interferon depends on the severity of patients liver damage due to Hepatitis C. Those who are suffering from acute Hepatitis, which is the first 6 months of infection, fair better in the success rate of the treatment.

The affects of treatment

The side affects of treatment can be difficult for patients to live with; those who suffer the most are ones with previous abuse of alcohol or drugs. A lot of patients suffer with slight side affects like flu symptoms, which are most common during the first week of taking Interferon. There are some serious side affects that can occur during treatment, these include anemia, psychiatric issues that can lead to suicide attempts and possible cardiovascular problems.

Alternative treatments

An alternative medicine is a term used to describe medicines that are not mainstream forms of medicine that is used by doctors and hospitals.

A lot of alternative medicines advertise that they can help the affects of Hepatitis C, although none of them report that they treat the virus. They say that these alternative medicines can reduce the pressure on the liver.

The only issue with alternative methods is that they have not undergone stringent testing in laboratories like Interferon and Ribavirin and they do not hold certification from the medical world.

Medical Advice

Before starting medication always check the affects with your doctor so you are aware of all possible outcomes. If you decide to follow the alternative medicine route always tell your doctor what alternative medicine you are taking as this may affect your mainstream medication.

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