Travel Radiology for Hospitals and Clinics

Because of rapid advancements in many fields of medicine, hospitals, clinics, companies who employ medical staff, and other entities find themselves in almost desperate need for quality personnel, and the need for radiologists is increasing. As a result, the radiology professional willing to travel is finding lucrative opportunities or employment. With fewer techs in certain areas of the country that have the experience and knowledge to handle radiology care, hospitals and other places that hire this type of professional have now begun requesting them to come to where their institution or company is located and the demand is continuing to increase daily.

Some Like It, Some Dont

For those in the field of radiology, traveling to work may be requested of you. While some may reject the idea, many find the idea very appealing by viewing it as an opportunity to provide help where its most needed while giving them the ability to see parts of the country theyve never seen before and perhaps never would without doing it this way.

Working Through Agencies

Radiology techs willing to work in this fashion most commonly are employed by agencies that specialize in finding this type of employment for people in the various medical fields. Agencies facilitate temporary work agreements with a variety of different facilities and the technician signs the agreement, committing to work, usually, for three to six months. The facility for which the tech agrees to work pays for transportation (often by bus) from the techs current living area to where the facility is located. Professional equipment is supplied at the job site.

Win-Win Situation for All Parties

People that do well in this type of work situation are those that adjust easily to brand new environments. Being flexible enough to tackle different procedures and learn how to use varying types of equipment must be characteristics of someone in this field who wants to succeed.

The facility hiring the tech benefits by knowing that someone with these characteristics excel at their profession enough to be able to perform under many conditions. And because traveling techs have been exposed to so many different ways of doing their job, they often are able to stay abreast of the most current information and methodologies than those who have experience in only one hospital, clinic, or other facility.


Agencies who provide radiology professionals for temporary employment to different facilities commonly provide the tech with health insurance and other benefits. The tech is considered as a full-time employee of the agency.

Many times after a radiology tech has successfully completed his or her employment tenure, they are asked to return to the same facility. It is also not uncommon for the facility to offer full-time, permanent employment with the understanding that the agency will be compensated with a “finders fee.”

The need filled by traveling radiology technicians will most likely continue as long as the current trend of expansion within the medical field continues. Its a great way to broaden skills, learn about new areas, and to make a living doing something that serves to help other people.

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