“Transformers” leads mediocre films over holiday weekend

This may be the summer of “agree to disagree” when it comes to the box office.

While critics seemed to detest the fourth installment of Transformers franchise, Age of Extinction, did well in theaters. The movie raked in $10.6 million on Friday. It seems like a victory, until the numbers are compared to previous years. Variety reports that this year’s Fourth of July was “less than explosive,” with a 15 percent drop in earnings from last year. Despicable Me 2 launched over the holiday weekend last year and took over $143 million. Coming in on the lower end was Johnny Depp’s The Lone Ranger, which made $48 million.

It’s being reported the drop is partially due to the holiday falling on a Friday this year, and the lack of a big box office movie. Melissa McCarthy’s Tammy was also not a hit with critics and only managed $6.4 million. Another filmed that opened during the holiday weekend was the horror film Deliver us from Evil. The Jerry Bruckheimer-produced film came in third at the box office, earning $2.9 million.

Age of Extinction focuses on Texas inventor Cade Yeager (played by Mark Wahlberg), his daughter, and her boyfriend as they uncover the “good” Transformers in order to battle the bad ones. One of the biggest problems that critics had with the movie was the length. Coming in at almost three hours, they complained that the movie is too long. Another complaint is that it relies too heavily on special effects. The film must be doing something right, though; it is the only movie to hold the number one spot at the stateside box office for two weeks straight.

There’s another positive for Transformers: films like this tend to do better abroad. According to TIME, foreign markets accounted for 69 percent of the $1.1 billion earned by the previous Transformers film, Dark of the Moon.