Top Reasons to Stop Smoking

Motivation is a key element when it is time to stop smoking. The truth is that you cannot do it because your partner, parent, lover, co-worker or child would like you to. No matter how much someone else is concerned about you and your health you will not be successful if it is not what you want to do and you will resent being forced to make a choice that is not yours.

You need to be motivated to make the choice. This is not actually as hard as it sounds. You simply need to think about some of the reasons people decide to quit smoking and see how many of them apply to your situation.

Senses Working Overtime

Have you ever thought about the senses that are affected by smoking? Two of them are; taste and smell. If you are a smoker you will notice that things do not taste as good as they used to. Once you give up cigarettes the flavor of your food will definitely return.

As well, without the strong odor of cigarette smoke you will begin to smell the things around you again. The simple smells that you have missed will return. You will notice the smell of flowers, food cooking in your home, and the scent of your partner. All these things will make you feel like the world has come alive again for you.

What’s that Smell?

Many smokers do not realize how much smoking takes over the way they smell to others. The cigarette smoke gets on your clothes, in your hair; your vehicle will smell like smoke, your home and everything inside it. These things can be a real turn off for friends, family or a partner who does not smoke.

You need to understand, even if no one else ever puts it into words, you smell bad when you are a smoker. As well, your breath is awful. You might find you get kissed more when you no longer taste like stale cigarettes.


Another good reason to stop smoking is the damage done to your skin. Smoking is responsible for prematurely aging the skin causing wrinkles that would not be there otherwise. It also affects the skin on your fingers, turning it yellow where you hold your cigarette. It does the same thing to do teeth. Do you really want to affect your appearance so dramatically all to have the opportunity to smoke one more cigarette.

We all know about the health concerns when smoking, but the truth is that there are so many detrimental tings that smoking can do to you they become part of a long list of side effects of smoking. Nonetheless, you want to consider the health disadvantages to smoking and to those around you, your partner, children, family and co-workers, who breathe in your second hand smoke.
That can be very bad for their health as well.

What about your responsibility to your children? Not only do you want to be there when they are growing up, you want to keep them from smoking. Be a good role model; quit smoking for everyones sake.