Top Massage Therapy School

The top massage therapy schools are not necessarily the ones that charge you the highest fees for tuition. Theyre also not necessarily those with the fanciest equipment, the best views, the highest-paid instructors or the best reputations. What you need to look for when seeking out a school is one that you can afford, that offers a high standard of education, adequate facilities to enable you to learn and, if you require, a good job placement program.

Some of the worlds top massage therapy schools are considered so because of their reputation or location. Yet, if you break it down to the nuts and bolts, the quality of education you receive is of utmost importance.

Important qualities

Here is a list of attributes to look for when seeking out so-called top massage therapy schools:

    1. That the school promotes good ethics, professionalism and a high standard of service.

    2. The school should foster in its students a desire to care about their clients, not simply see clients as a means to earn a living.

    3. The school should give students an excellent all-round understanding of massage therapy, the business behind it and the care of clients on the whole.

    4. The school should behave towards its students, as it would have the students behave towards their clients … with dignity and respect.

Specialist schools

Many massage therapy schools are very broad and cater to a wide range of massage disciplines. Students who intend to practice in a specialist field such as day spa massage techniques, pediatric massage, rehabilitative massage or the like should seek a school that offers intensive training in their chosen field. All-rounders who want a basic understanding of a variety of techniques may find a different school to their liking.

Student feedback

An excellent way of determining which are the top massage therapy schools, is to seek testimonials. Youll find some listed on the schools websites but you can also contact the office and ask if they are able to provide you with more.

Ask around among past students and see what kind of feedback they can give you regarding quality of training, diversity of courses and so on. Consumer feedback is often more telling than the schools own version.

National recognition

Top massage therapy schools will issue nationally-recognized diplomas and other certification. Without this kind of recognition, it may be difficult to find employment so be sure to enquire as to the authorities that administer the qualifications.

Employment opportunities

Job placement is a promise that many educational institutions offer, but on which some fail to deliver. A high rate of successful placement sets a top massage therapy school apart from a mediocre one. Enquire as to the placement rate of past students and find out if you have to be a graduate or if you can apply for jobs while still undergoing your training.

What kinds of jobs have students landed? Have they retained their jobs due to satisfaction or due to a lack of alternative employment? Are the employers content with the quality of students placed with them?

There is not one single quality that stands top massage therapy schools above the others. Given the broad spectrum of massage services that are available, and considering the ever-growing industry of massage therapy, its important to do your research and determine which school would best suit your needs. That is, which is the top school for you.