The Top 3 Running Backpacks Reviewed

Even though the easiest solution to carrying items on a run is simply to leave everything at home, for many of us this just isn’t possible.

Most of us need to carry ID, and we also need our keys to get back into the house. No matter what you need to carry, a backpack designed for running can make things a lot easier.

You could use a standard backpack, but most runners have specific requirements from the product they choose. First and foremost, you want something that doesn’t jiggle around a lot while you run. Chances are a standard backpack won’t cut it.

Pockets, Straps and Zippers

Straps of normal bags could also get in the way. Specially designed running backpacks will have padded straps that don’t rub against the chest (for women), don’t chafe and aren’t bulky. Plus the material of the bag also matters; you could find yourself getting very sweaty.

Zips and pockets are essential for storing smaller items that you’ll want quick, easy access to. And you may even want a bag with a hydration system built in. With all that in mind, here are top 3 picks for running backpacks:

1) Osprey Daylite Backpack

The Osprey Daylite Backpack is a very well made running backpack with plenty of pockets and zips to keep everything well organized. It is good for carrying a change of clothes, sneakers, lunch, a notebook and 7″ tablet.

It has extra straps that you can pull across the chest to keep it stable when running, and the shoulder straps, which are very comfortable, are made of mesh to maximize the airflow. It also has space for a hydration pack, like a Camelbak.

It also works well as a backpack for day hikes, weekend outings, kayaking, at music festivals, and on biking trips.

Osprey has a lifetime guarantee, so if anything goes wrong with it ever you can send it back for a new one.

2) adidas Alliance Sport Sackpack

If you’re looking for an affordable backpack that won’t take up too much space when you’re not using it then the adidas Alliance Sport Sackpack is an excellent choice.

Although it’s a more basic, smaller design, it still comes with a small pocket at the front that’ll help you keep things organized. It holds more than it looks like it could, too. THere is a nice front zipper pocket and two mesh side pockets that are so deep, it fits your water bottle and mixer.

The bag material is thicker than most of those cheap sacks, as are the drawstring cords.  The extra pocket makes for easy access to things like a wallet without having to go through the main compartment.

3) Nathan Intensity Race Vest

If you’re really serious about your running and don’t mind spending a little more then the Nathan Intensity Vest is an excellent way to store your belongings as you run. It’s designed in a way that means you’ll hardly even notice it when you’re running, since it’s very secure and adjustable to your body shape.

Remember to choose a bag based on how you run. If you always have an MP3 player with you, get a bag with a pocket built in and then you can avoid the need for a sports armband. Also consider hydration systems if you train in hot weather.

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